As one of the largest departmental stores in the United States, Macy’s is at the forefront of corporate innovation with its In-Site as the revolutionary technology for its human resources. Employees no longer have to struggle to obtain every bit of their information related to their employment records from human resource department personnel as they can simply logon to Macys Insite to do that at their own convenience. Macy’s as a big corporation has many employees and definitely the best way to manage them is through the web-based technology. It is very interactive and saves time for employees and reduces costs for the corporation.

Macy’s In-Site is not only meant for its employees but also those of its affiliates, subsidiaries and operating units. Records of employees have been digitized and now everything they would have needed from their human resources department is available through In-Site. If you are an employee of Macy’s or any of the affiliated companies, you will only need an associate identification number and a password you generate yourself upon sign up in order to use In-Site. There is a lot you can do using the web-based tool by logging on to Macy’s makes information about yourself, your records of payments, certain benefits of retirement as well as health and welfare.

Macy’s In-Site interactive web-based tool for human resource management allows employees to accomplish at least the following:

  1. checking their work schedules
  2. obtaining their medical, dental coverage and related information
  3. accessing community resources
  4. looking for credit union resources
  5. getting special discounts information
  6. checking for social security or 401K information
  7. finding W4 forms or other related information
  8. obtaining information about the employee benefits
  9. learning current news to do with the company
  10. accessing employee-centered magazines
  11. solving disputes on pay or benefit through a chat-system in real-time

Employees often use the Macys InSite to check their schedules of work and also if needed request for their shift changes. In-Site has automated the process so employees do not have to call their managers. Requesting for shift changes using the web-based tool simplifies the process with responses given back immediately including any conflicts so that work schedules of all employees are augmented. For every change of work schedule, all the relevant persons are notified by the system immediately. Most importantly, Macy’s In-Site allows employees to know all the benefits related to their contracts. Macy’s as the employer benefits from a more motivated and productive workforce.